Front Runner

Born and raised in Africa, proven and trusted around the world.


Front Runner’s Secret Recipe:

  • Take a handful of friends who are engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers;
  • Add a shared history of adventures into the wilds of Africa spanning 40 years;
  • Toss them into a factory in South Africa with the very latest technology and materials, together with CAD (Computer Aided Design), in-house laser cutting, CNC milling, bending, cutting, punching and powder coating;
  • Let them simmer, dream, design, build, test, sell, travel, and evolve for 13 years, as they grow to become the world’s premiere vehicle outfitting company with offices in South Africa, Australia, Europe and the United States.


Serving Suggestion:

The most advanced, versatile and widest range of vehicle based adventure travel accessories available on the planet are best served at sunset. In nature. Where the air is fresh and the views are breathtaking.


Front Runner offers accessories for any occassion. Planned or otherwise. We offer roof top solutions for securing water, fuel tents, bikes, skis, braai/BBQ grills, fishing rods, surfboards, axes, recovery jacks, spade/shovels, bottle openers, clothes, kayaks, lights, tables, gas/propane, rescue tracks, spare tyres/tires, suitcases, potjie pots/dutch ovens, chairs, snowboards and more.

Being prepared is the ultimate luxury. Front Runner offers extremely strong and lightweight organizing and living systems for any automobile based adventure. Our products are built to be used both on-road and off-road while providing the ultimate in camping comfort and convenience.

Our water carrying solutions would make a camel blush. Our tanks can fit inconspicuously behind wheel wells, on footwells, or mounted to the roof rack. We offer vehicle specific tanks as well as universal tanks.